About the Founder

Nicola Leigh MSc, BA, Dip

Hiya, I’m Nicola, a Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Specialist.

I believe everyone should be treated equally, fairly and have the same chance at happiness.

I founded Proper Wellbeing to combine my expertise in The Science of Happiness, with over a decade’s worth of graphic design experience. My academic and creative strengths help me to conceptualise complex information found in science journals, into easily digestible, beautiful visuals that can be used to make positive contributions in everyday life.

Using positive psychology tools, my workshops help uncover and develop personal strengths to improve self-esteem, strengthen relationships, progress on goals and build resilience.

Nicola is Co-Founder of the Positive Psychology Centre (PO.PS), Diploma L2 in Counselling Skills, and member of International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).